Useful Links

Lab Resources

Frequency search engine
Sample E-Prime scripts at the CMU Psychology Department.

Western Links

Psychology department main page
Cognition and Perception at Western
UWO Centre for Brain and Mind
The Robarts Research Institute and the Imaging Research Labs

Collaborators at Other Universities

Raymond Klein, Dalhousie University
Suzanne Welcome, University of Missouri-St. Louis
Language and Cognitive Neuroscience Lab , U. Wisconsin-Madison
Aneta Kielar, Baycrest Hospital

Colleagues in London

Jennifer Sutton, Brescia University College and UWO
Paul Gribble, Motor Control Lab, Psychology Department
Janis Cardy, School of Communication Sciences and Disorders
Stefan Köhler, Psychology Department
Centre for Functional and Metabolic Mapping at the Robarts Research Institute

Other Useful Links

International Dyslexia Association
American Speech Language and Hearing Association
London Speech and Language Centre
H.A. Leeper Speech & Language Clinic