Current Lab Members

Principal Investigator
Marc Joanisse Marc Joanisse
Marc has been at Western since 2000, studying the cognitive and brain bases of language and reading. His research emphasizes the importance of studying multiple aspects of language ability, in a variety of populations, using a range of techniques. This includes studying phonology, reading and grammar abilities in adults and children, using everything from traditional behavioural techniques to eyetracking and neuroimaging.
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Postdoctoral Fellows
Dr. Priya Kalra Priya Kalra, Ph.D.

Priya is a BrainsCAN postdoctoral fellow working with Paul Minda, Laura Batterink, and Marc Joanisse. She is interested in representational changes during learning and more broadly how understanding the mechanisms of learning and memory can inform instructional or training paradigms. As a BrainsCAN postdoc she plans to compare expert and novice representational spaces using a combination of behavioral, imaging, and computational methods. She completed a B.A. in Cognitive Science at U.C. Berkeley, an M.Sc. in Functional Neuroimaging at Brunel University, and an Ed.D. at Harvard Graduate School of Education. She has previously studied reading and math cognition using a combination of behavioral and neuroimaging methods.
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Graduate Students
Hailey Hailey Suttorp (she/her)

Hailey is a MSc student in the Cognitive, Developmental, and Brain Sciences program. She is interested in studying the development of fundamental reading skills such as orthographic and phonological decoding, primarily in children with ADHD. With previous time spent in childcare, she seeks to shed some light on how children with neurodevelopmental disorders learn. Prior to beginning a MSc program at Western, Hailey completed her bachelor's degree at the University of Winnipeg.

Joe Nidel Joe Nidel (he/him)

Joe is a fourth-year PhD candidate in psychology. He studies how mono- and bilinguals learn, embody, and access words’ affective information, such as valence and arousal. He is also interested in how differences in ease-of-reading (e.g., perceptual fluency v. disfluency) affect processing for monolinguals. In addition to traditional behavioural measures, Joe is interested in meta-analysis and meta-modelling to explore theory and empirical inconsistencies. He received his BA in psychology from Youngstown State University and his MSc in cognitive psychology from Western University

Christine Moreau Christine Moreau
Christine is a Ph.D. candidate in psychology. She is interested in studying neural entrainment and how it is related to speech processing in those diagnosed with developmental language disorder (DLD) and reading disability (RD). Her work uses behavioural and EEG measures to explore this topic. Christine received her BSc in Psychology at the University of Ottawa and her MSc in Psychology at Western University.
Deanne Wah Deanne Wah (they/them)
Deanne is a PhD student in psychology. They are interested in studying the neuroscience of reading and reading (dis)abilities using neuroimaging. They are an OCT certified teacher and reading remediation interventionist. Having experience teaching children with mild to severe reading difficulties, Deanne hopes to bridge the gap between reading research and teaching practice.
Niki Niki Sinha (they/them)

Niki is a PhD student in Neuroscience. They study the role of attentional systems in the development of complex learned skills such as reading. With a background in child and youth studies from Brock University (M.A.) Niki’s research aims to describe the biological pathways through which children develop reading difficulties as well as the brain’s responses to reading intervention using models of attentional resource management. Currently, they are involved in a collaborative project using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) to identify positive predictors of reading intervention response.  

Undergraduate Students
Research Assistants


Delaney Spencer (she/her)

Delaney is currently working as a research assistant and lab manager for Dr. Marc Joanisse.  She earned her Honours Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Brescia University College. She is planning on obtaining her Masters in psychology and pursing a career in research.



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