What is it Like?

In our lab we study how children's brains change as they learn to read. Our studies include children ages 5 - 14. Each session takes about 1.5 hours.

When you first arrive at the lab, we’ll tell you all about the experiment and what activities you will be doing. You can ask us questions about what we'll be doing, and can decide if you prefer not to participate.

During an ERP study we will record electrical signals from your brain using a special cap. We will place the cap on your head and put a small amount of gel in the sensors on the cap:

erp cap

It can take a little while to set up the cap. So while we do this, you will get to watch a movie. If you want you can bring in your favourite DVD to watch, or you can choose one that we have in our lab. After the cap is set up, we will start the activity. This usually involves looking at pictures or words on a computer screen or listening to sounds through headphones.


Wearing the cap does not hurt in any way, but if you are worried or have questions, you can tell us right away. You can stop the experiment at any time.

To thank you for coming in and being a part of the experiment, you will receive a movie gift certificate. We will also provide your parents with free parking and reimburse them for their time.