Having fun with the LRCN

Life in the Language, Reading and Cognitive Neuroscience Lab isn't just about science and research.  We also like to have fun and celebrate the milestones our lab members cross!  Our most recent updates can be found below.


Dr. Nicolette Armstrong will be welcoming a new addition to her family in early 2020! 

Baby Shower

(Dr. Nicolette Armstrong holds a Western University baby onesie)

LRCN celebrates the holidays at Los Lobos!

LRCN celebrating the holidays at Los Lobos!

(From left to right: Chenglin Lou, Leah Brainin, Dr. Marc Joanisse, Dr. Nicolette Armstrong, Dr. Felix Desmeules-Trudel, Dr. Lien Peters, Jiangtian Li, Joe Nidel and Christine Moreau) 

Dr. Joanisse enjoys his Christmas present: a Darth Vader apron

(Dr. Marc Joanisse enjoys his Christmas present from the lab.)  

This year (2019), three graduate students successfully defended their theses.  Congratulations Christine Moreau, Joe Nidel and Leah Brainin! Time for the Western University tradition: The Goblet of Knowledge!

Christine Moreau celebrates defending her Masters thesis

(Christine Moreau)

Joe Nidel celebrates a successful Masters thesis defense

(Joe Nidel)

Leah Brainin celebrates successfully defending her Masters thesis

(Leah Brainin)


Congratulations to Dr. Nicolette Armstrong on successfully defending her dissertation!  As is Western custom, the Goblet of Knowledge has been bestowed.

Dr. Nicolette Armstrong celebrates a successful dissertation defense

(From left to right: Dr. Marc Joanisse, Dr. Nicolette Armstrong, and Dr. Lisa Archibald)